A Treat for Hampshire Cottage Guests

Pannage Extension a real treat for our Holiday Cottage Guests

These fantastic pigs are actual life savers!  Each year for around 60 days they are released onto the forest to devour their favorite food – the acorn.

Acorns are poisonous to many other species that roam the forest so the pigs do an extremely important job in recycling them.  2020 has been a particularly abundant year for them too, hence their 60 day roam has been extended until the 21st of December.

Pig spotting in the New Forest for our Hampshire cottage guests
Spotty pig roaming the New Forest eating acorns
Looking for acorns the pink pannage pigs in the forest

Local New Forest Pork

All those lovely acorns, chestnuts and beech masts eaten while roaming the forest make the pannage pigs meat taste just fantastic.  The local, award winning, family run farm shop can deliver while you are staying with us at our cottages or you can even order from back home to remind you of your stay with us in Hampshire.

You can also stock up on a host of local foods and drinks from cheese, ice cream and garlic to milk, juice and cider.

See the selection of local produce from the Hockeys Farm Website

Local New Forest pork offered from Hockeys farm shop