Privacy Policy for Short Stay Homes

All booking data is held by a third party ‘Anytime Booking’ and all payments made via Anytime Booking are done by WorldPay. Both companies have full privacy policies available from their own websites.

We will only communicate via email to confirm bookings and general information relevant to your booking.  

Short Stay Homes send out marketing emails periodically to past guests and people that have made enquiries (but did not book) direct to Short Stay Homes. These emails promote our latest offers and inform of any relevant news regarding our holiday homes.  If you prefer not to receive these emails please unsubscribe if received.  We will store your email details until we are advised you wish to unsubscribe.  We do not share your email information with any third parties. If you would like to write to us please email us at [email protected]

Correct as of 16 May 2018