Beach Hut, Avon Beach, Mudeford


Available from October 2019 Short Stay Homes will have a newly fitted beach hut, which will be available to our guests on a daily basis. Situated on Avon Beach in Mudeford, a wonderful beach with superb views across the Solent to the Isle of Wight Needles. Most importantly it is within 150 yards of restaurants, gift shops and toilets and even closer to car parks.

The hut will be fully lined inside, with French doors and is ideal for summer as well as winter where you can sit inside and enjoy the view without it being too cold or too hot as it will be in the shade and sheltered! There will be cupboards fitted top and bottom with a gas hob and gas powered fridge and also a  ‘sink’ however there is no mains so it is used in conjunction with a bucket underneath.

Further Information

The beach hut will only be available from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset and is not to be used to sleep in but to enjoy in the day.