Traffic jams? What traffic jams…

IT’S one of the most congested towns in the UK but Bournemouth has been named as the greenest place for driving.

The town came out on top in a new study which revealed it is one of the least polluted in the UK and has some of the best amenities for electric car drivers.

The study, carried out by Kenway Miller solicitors, found that Bournemouth consistently did well in a number of areas to pip the likes of Brighton, Newcastle, and Edinburgh to be the UK’s most eco-friendly place to drive.

Bournemouth, along with Brighton, has more electric charging points per person than any other town or city and falls just behind Newcastle and Edinburgh when it comes to air pollution.

Taking into account air pollution, the percentage of deaths attributed to air pollution, traffic, congestion, and electric charging outlets, Bournemouth’s only stumbling block is congestion, finishing outside the top eight of towns and cities researched.

Birmingham was the location of the least eco-friendly drivers, despite being the least congested city. The West Midlands city contains just one electric charging location per 8,800 people and is only behind London when it comes to air pollution.

Matthew Miller, Director of Kenway Miller Solicitors said: “While getting around in our cars is a necessity for most of us, it seems every town and city could be doing more to reduce its carbon footprint.”

London was also among the least eco-friendly cities, with almost eight percent of deaths each year being attributed to air pollution. Despite this, the capital has the least amount of vehicles on the road per person, with one car for every four people.

“A whopping eight percent of deaths can be attributed to air pollution in our capital, and while vehicles don’t contribute wholly to that, we can look at making things such as electric cars more accessible” added Mr Miller.