Top Things to do in Christchurch, Dorset

Not sure what to do on your holiday in Christchurch? We’ve selected just a few of our favourite attractions.

410 ed Chch 1Take a stroll around Christchurch Priory
Wander around the beautiful scenery surrounding a historic Christchurch Priory Church, it’s on the door step of our Quay House Property! It’s the longest running parish church in the country and is larger than 21 English Anglican Cathedrals. While you’re there, view the Miraculous Beam; The legend of the miraculous beam dates to the early 12th century. The story is that a beam was found to have been cut too short when it was hoisted into place. This would have been embarrassing for the carpenters since the wood was expensive and would be difficult to replace. There was however a mysterious carpenter who had worked and eaten alone. The following day the carpenters returned and found the beam was now fitted in place. The unknown carpenter was never seen again, and the story came to be that it was Jesus Christ who had intervened. The church became Christ’s Church of Twynham in commemoration of the event. In time the town became Twynham-Christchurch and eventually shortened to Christchurch. The miraculous beam can be seen today and is located in the Priory’s ambulatory.

mudeford-4891785697_9c473ed510_oHead to the beach at Mudeford Quay
Mudeford is the centre of the local fishing industry with lobster pots piled up along the quay. The ferry runs from the Quay to neighbouring Christchurch and to Mudeford Sandbank, a spit of land adjoining Hengistbury Head.

The Quay side offers cafes, gifts shops, inns and restaurants which make this a pleasant place to visit. Historic buildings in the village include the Grade 2 listed Mudeford House, Waterford Lodge Hotel, the Grade 2 listed Sandford Hotel which once hosted the Post Office, and the Nelson Tavern. Look for the 1856 Victorian letterbox next to The Moorings.

2029449_1eff262dEnjoy the Gardens at Highcliffe Castle
This magnificent Grade 1 Listed Cliff top mansion was built by Lord Stuart de Rothesay in the early 1830’s. The Library galleries inside the Castle provide a magnificent backdrop for history, art and craft exhibitions. This varied programme offers something for all tastes and ages whilst promoting the best local artists.

IMG_6437Catch a movie at the Regent Centre

The Regent Centre is a restored 1930s art deco cinema, now also featuring theatre, opera, concerts and dance found right in the centre of Christchurch’s high street. Its 480 seats are regularly filled for events as diverse as the latest film releases to professional touring theatre, jazz, big band, ballet, opera and celebrity star shows.