Excellent Guest Review

   Dear team,

           Our recent family reunion long weekend at Mews Hill near Fordingbridge, was a brilliant success.

Family stay at Mews Hill

         Our son, Henry, and 17-year-old granddaughter, Lola, were coming to the end of their 3-week visit to the UK from their home in Australia.

Family Fun

Seven of us stayed the first night, and another four the second and third, but on the Sunday we were joined by the rest of the family for the day.

          We were all knocked out by Mews Hill … the highest standards of comfort, brilliant accommodation, everything we could want in terms of catering, play areas, World Cup viewing !   And a lovely welcome gift hamper full of fudge, biscuits and honey.  Stunning paintings and photos on the walls.  My wife and I who are both elderly and fairly disabled were in the large bedroom facing the tepee, and both it and the en suite were everything we could have wished for.  Our hearts sank when we opened the French windows and saw a large busy wasp nest outside just above them  … but extraordinarily, although we kept those windows open all day, because of the heat, NOT A SINGLE WASP EVER CAME INTO THE ROOM. (Nor, when several of us were sitting at the table outside, were we in the slightest bothered by them.)

Table Football competition                  I slept facing the amazing triptych photos of the New Forest pony shaking snow on to itself from the tree above it … wonderful images.

            Though disabled I am still a fairly keen photographer … didn’t bother with many interior shots, because your website shows them beautifully, but took lots of shots moving around the garden on my wheeled seat …

Taken by a guest at Mews Hill          Taken by a guest at Mews Hill These are some of the shots I took … our local bees, butterflies and insects are far less prolific and camera-friendly than yours ! … plus some taken by other family members in locations I couldn’t get to !  …

A keen photographer staying at Mews Hill Owners response: Please note the wasp nest has now been safely removed. !